Hope in the Midst of Anguish


  1. In times of great anguish we can easily lose our hope (v. 18-20).
    • What anguish was robbing Jeremiah of his hope?
    • What anguish is robbing us of our hope?
  2. Remembering the steadfast love of God will help you find hope (v. 21f).
    • What will help you to be more firmly convinced of the love of God?
    • How would you describe your level of trust in the steadfast love of God?
  3. We need to know that the love of God never ceases (v. 22).
    • Why is it so important that God’s love is ceaseless? (Romans 8:38-39)
    • How does your life change when you are convinced of this truth?
    • What is helping you to grow in your assurance of this truth?
  4. We must know that God shows new mercy every day (v. 22-23).
    • Why is it important to know that new mercy is available each day?
    • Why must husbands, wives, parents and friends show new mercy daily?
    • Why do we need to show mercy in the body of Christ every day?
  5. The Lord himself is the substance of our hope (v. 24).
    • What is the substance of our hope?
    • How are we personally making God our portion?

Call to Action: To clearly display hope even in times of anguish.


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