Made Like His Brothers

HEBREWS 2:5-18

  1. Instead of subjecting the world to angels, God gave man that role (v.5-9).
    • What can we know about the relative position of angels and mankind?
    • How does the marginal reading of “a little while” help us understand?
  2. The One perfected through suffering makes us holy and family (v.10-11).
    • What hope can we have because Jesus was made perfect through suffering?
    • How does it feel to know that Jesus is not ashamed to call us brothers and sisters?
  3. Jesus is eager to announce that we are children of God (v.12-13).
    • What do the contexts of these Old Testament quotes tell us of God’s heart?
    • How close does God see our relationship with Him and His Son?
  4. Jesus became like us to free us from the one who held us (v.14-15).
    • What assurance is available to us in our struggle against Satan?
    • Why is it important for us to know that we are both freed and family?
  5. Jesus had to be made like us so that He could make us like Him (v.16-18).
    • What are the results of Jesus being made like us in every way?
    • How can you be sure that Jesus is always able to help you?

Call to Action: To see Jesus being made like you so that you strive to be like Him.


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