Obtaining God’s Righteousness

ROMANS 9:30-10:4

  1. God’s righteousness is obtained by faith and not by works (Romans 9:30-32a).
    • How could a greater understanding of God’s law become a disadvantage?
    • Why doesn’t God want us to pursue Him by works?
  2. The cornerstone was always designed to cause some to stumble (9:32b-33).
    • Why would God announce that Jesus would cause many to stumble? (Matt. 7:13-14)
    • How does trust in Christ protect us from shame?
  3. The salvation of our own people should be the desire of our hearts (Romans 10:1).
    • How strongly did Paul desire salvation for the Jews (9:1-3)?
    • Whose salvation fills the desire of your heart?
    • What are you doing because of that great desire?
  4. Establishing your own righteousness keeps you away from God’s (10:2-3).
    • How can our zeal become counter-productive?
    • Why are all of our attempts at righteousness fed by works and not by faith?
    • How does true submission develop faith?
  5. Faith in Christ puts an end to the bondage of the law (Romans 10:4).
    • How does Christ put an end to the Law?
    • How is your trusting submission protecting your heart?
    • What will help you to grow in that attitude of submission?

Call to Action: To be so zealous that you completely trust Christ?


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