Our Hope Is in God the Father

PSALM 103:8-14

  1. Our hope is in the Father because His love is merciful and gracious (v.8).
    • In what ways are you thankful for God’s grace and mercy?
    • How has the grace and mercy of the Father changed your life?
  2. Our Father does not respond to our sins with anger (v.8-10).
    • What would happen if God angrily dealt with our sins as they deserve?
    • What would life be like if God kept chiding us for our sin?
    • What will help us to learn to be slow to get angry?
  3. Our Father’s love as well as His forgiveness cannot be measured (v.11-12).
    • How can God’s love be higher than the heavens?
    • Why is the distance from the East to the West greater than from North to South?
    • How does God’s infinite forgiveness affect your heart?
  4. Our hope is in our Father because He is compassionate to His children (v.13).
    • How important is it for each of us to have a truly compassionate Father?
    • How are you responding to the compassionate love of our heavenly Father?
  5. Our hope is in the Father who remembers when we were but dust (v.14).
    • Why is it so important that God remembers when we were but dust?
    • Why should we take the time to remember that we were formed from dust?

Call to Action: To thrive in life because of the steadfast love of our Father.


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