Restore Us, O Lord


  1. Restore us to a close relationship with you O God (v.1-3).
    • How close was God to Ephraim, Benjamin and Manasseh? (Num. 10:21-24)
    • What is our plea when we aren’t as close to God as we long to be?
  2. Restore us from our tears to your presence (v.4-7).
    • What is our plea when we have been feeding on tears?
    • How would your life be if you knew that God’s face was shining on you?
  3. Restore us to a time of growth and glory (v.8-11).
    • In what sense are we a vine that God carried out of Egypt?
    • What has God done to make us flourish?
    • Since God has done that, what is our hope and prayer?
  4. Restore us to be the Son You want us to be (v.12-15).
    • What is our plea when God allows His people to be vulnerable to attack?
    • How does a gardener look at his vine or a Father to His Son?
  5. Restore us because You are LORD God Almighty (v.16-19).
    • What does restoring us have to do with God resting His hand on Jesus?
    • How does revival by God motivate prayer?
    • How strongly do we believe in “the LORD God Almighty?”

Call to Action: To diligently and faithfully pray for the LORD God to restore us.


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