Separated unto the Lord


  1. The vow of a Nazarite is “a vow of separation unto the LORD” (v.1-4).
    • In what sense did I make a vow of separation unto my wife?
    • How does our separation unto our wife/husband reveal the Nazarite purpose?
  2. The vow of a Nazarite separated from anything that would defile (v.3-8).
    • How careful did a Nazarite need to be to stay separated unto the LORD?
    • What specific defiling situations do we need to carefully avoid?
    • How can we do a better job of being separated unto the LORD?
  3. The breaking of the vow required a sacrificial renewal of it (v.9-12).
    • How much does it cost to renew your vow of separation unto the LORD?
    • Why is deciding to quit keeping your vow not even an option?
    • What is so bad about influencing others to break their vows? (Amos 2:11-12)
  4. The conclusion of the vow required three sacrifices (v.13-17).
    • Why would the Nazarite need a burnt offering and a sin offering?
    • What should we learn from the fellowship offering?
  5. The ending of the Nazarite vow includes extra giving (v.18-21).
    • Why would you want to give more to God because of a time of devotion to Him?
    • How is your relationship to God affecting your giving?

Call to Action: To purposely separate ourselves unto the LORD.


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