The Honor Belongs to God

NUMBERS 20:1-13

  1. There are situations that provide excuses for bad behavior (v.1-5).
    • When we lose loved ones and endure complaining, what is our responsibility?
    • How can we strengthen our resolve to honor God even in hard times?
  2. Moses and Aaron initially honored God (v.6-9).
    • Why is it so important for us to come to God with honor?
    • Why is an initial decision to honor God not sufficient?
  3. Moses and Aaron chose not to give God the honor He deserves (v.10-11).
    • What is wrong with the actions and the words of Moses and Aaron?
    • How can we better give God the credit instead of trying to share it?
  4. Dishonoring God is a matter of faith (v.12).
    • Since dishonor springs from a lack of trust, how can we better avoid doing it?
    • In what situations do we need to be honoring God as holy?
    • How has our lack of honor for God kept us from blessings we could have enjoyed?
  5. Instead of quarreling with God we need to be honoring Him (v.12-13).
    • How can we resist the temptation to quarrel with God during hard times?
    • How can we better honor God during our hard times?

Call to Action: To honor God as the holy source of all that is good.


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