It Is Time!


  1. After years of wandering in the wilderness, it was finally time (v.2).
    • What is wrong with continuing to wander when your task has not yet been done?
    • What will help us to transition from wandering to conquering?
  2. During a generation of wandering, God had been with them (v.7).
    • How had God been providing for them and blessing them. (29:5)
    • What has God accomplished in our lives during our wandering? (James 1:2-4)
  3. There were some territories they were not to take (v.9-23).
    • When God has reasons that some are not to be conquered, what should be done?
    • When we see that God is not blessing some actions, what should we do? (Luke 9:5)
  4. There were other people God had given to them (v.24).
    • What purpose did God have for their lives?
    • What purpose does God have for our lives? (Revelation 22:17)
  5. No foe is too strong for God’s people (v.32-33, 36).
    • What reasons did they have for their confidence in victory?
    • What reasons do we have for our confidence in our victory? (Habakkuk 2:14: II Corinthians 10:3-5)

Call to Action: To stop wandering and instead call others to come and see.


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