Actions Trump Feelings


  1. Love the LORD and keep His laws so you will be strong (v.1, 8-12).
    • Why does God link loving the LORD with obeying Him? (Galatians 5:6)
    • How do godly actions make you stronger?
    • For what purpose was God strengthening His obedient people?
  2. Remember what God has done and teach the children (v.2-7, 18-21).
    • Why is it important for us to remember lessons that younger people don’t know?
    • How diligently are we to be teaching godly truths to the children?
  3. Love and serve God will all your heart and soul and be blessed (v.13-15).
    • Why must we love and serve with all our emotion and all our will?
    • What blessings come our way when we serve God this completely?
  4. Be careful to observe and hold to God’s laws or be enticed (v.16, 22-23).
    • To keep from being enticed away from God, how do we need to be careful?
    • What happens in our lives when we truly hold fast to God?
  5. There is a way of blessing and a way of cursing (v.26-29).
    • Why is ‘the covenant of blessings and cursings’ so foundational for God’s people?
    • Why did God want this covenant implemented on such a grand scale?
    • How can we impress the children with the importance of this covenant?

Call to Action: To display wholehearted love for God in willful action.


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