When We Ask for the Impossible

JOSHUA 10:1-15

  1. Broad opposition from multiple sources call for impossible requests (v.1-5).
    • Why do our problems tend to come in waves instead of as individual challenges?
    • What moves a person of faith to ask God for impossible help in tough times?
  2. Loyalty and responsibility can call for impossible requests (v.6-8).
    • What loyalties led Israel to be responsible for the attacked Gibeonites? (9:15)
    • Why should we be willing to ask for the impossible to protect others?
  3. Total personal commitment must precede impossible requests (v.9-11).
    • Without the preceding intense commitment, what would the request have meant?
    • What intense commitment should God see in us before we make our impossible requests?
  4. Extreme opportunity calls for impossible requests (v.12-13a).
    • Why would tired, worn-out soldiers ask for more battle time?
    • How can we become the tired, worn-out soldiers who ask for more battle time?
  5. God is always capable of answering impossible requests (v.13b-15).
    • How can we know that this amazing miracle really happened?
    • What similarly amazing miracles should we be requesting? (John 14:12)

Call to Action: To live for God so completely that we ask the impossible of Him.


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