Standing in Awe of the God of Israel

ISAIAH 29:13-24

  1. When people only honor God outwardly, they need to be awed (v.13-14).
    • What is incomplete about honoring God only with our lips?
    • When have you allowed God to ‘astound you with wonder upon wonder?’
  2. Those who think they can sin secretly are rejecting the creator (v.15-16).
    • What do our attempts to hide our sins say about our faith in God?
    • Why do we need to understand that we are clay?
    • How will an awe of God help us better honor our potter?
  3. A time would come for Israel when the humble would rejoice (v.17-21).
    • How did the physical blessings for Israel compare with our blessings?
    • What promises in this passage can we see fulfilled in Christ?
  4. The redeemed will stand in awe of the God of Israel (v.22-23)
    • How had God already redeemed Abraham and his descendants?
    • How does seeing our children motivate us to keep His name holy?
    • When do you remember standing in absolute awe of God?
  5. When we are awed by God, we will receive instruction (v.24).
    • What does our unwillingness to study God’s word say about our lack of awe?
    • How can awe of God save us from being complainers?

Call to Action: To immerse ourselves in Jesus so that we can be awed.


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