Using God


  1. Instead of serving God, Ahaz chose to worship idols (v.1-4).
    • What is the motivation behind idolatry?
    • How does the idolatry of Colossians 3:5 demonstrate that truth?
  2. Instead of trusting God, Ahaz chose to trust in Assyria (v. 5-9).
    • Why would we choose to trust earthly sources above God?
    • Again, what is the motivation for trusting human solutions above heavenly ones?
  3. When Ahaz saw a pagan altar, he wanted one just like it (v.10-14).
    • What does Ahaz’ enamored decision tell us about his faith in God?
    • Why would the people of God remove the Lord’s altar?
  4. When Ahaz was seeking personal guidance, he used the Lord’s altar (v.15-16).
    • What is wrong with the faith required to offer the Lord’s offering on another altar?
    • Who can offer our sacrifices to God? (Romans 12:1; Hebrews 13:15-16)
    • How does Ahaz seek to use God when offering on the Lord’s altar?
  5. Instead of following God’s plan, Ahaz did what he wanted (v.17-20).
    • What is wrong with thinking that we can plan God’s house better than He can?
    • Why honor any king above the King of kings?
    • What will God do if we decide to use God instead of serve Him?

Call to Action: To totally surrender to God instead of using religion.


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