Angry About God’s Grace


  1. Jonah fled to Tarshish because he was angry about God’s grace (4:1-4)
    • What did Jonah’s anger have to do with his running from God?
    • What is wrong with a heart that is so angry with God’s grace that it runs from Him?
    • What is wrong with our hearts when we run from God’s grace?
  2. Jonah chose to obey the God with whose grace he was still angry (2:7-10).
    • How can anger at God’s grace survive three days in the belly of a whale?
    • What is wrong with repentance when it obeys but is still angry?
    • What will help us to repent until we completely lose our anger?
  3. Jonah was angry because God offered grace to all who truly repent (3:6-10).
    • How could Jonah preach so well when he was still angry?
    • What does it say about me when I don’t want my enemies to be forgiven?
    • How can we protect our hearts so we can be free from this anger?
  4. God showed that Jonah had no right to be angry about God’s grace (4:4-11).
    • How did Jonah’s actions answer the question in verse 4?
    • How did God’s actions denounce Jonah’s answer in verse 9?
    • How can we learn to let go of our anger over God’s amazing grace?

Call to Action: To identify with our enemies so we will rejoice in God’s grace.


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