We Are Building a Temple for the Lord


  1. David was preparing so that the next generation could build the temple (v.1-5).
    • Why would David want to give over $34 B in gold for the temple?
    • What are we doing to help the next generation build God’s house?
  2. David’s devotion motivated others to provide even more for the temple (v.6-9).
    • How did David’s 110-ton gift motivate the leaders to give 190 tons of gold?
    • How are others to be motivated by our giving of time and of finances?
  3. David understood the true nature of giving (v.10-17).
    • How does genuine praise motivate giving and devotion?
    • How does it help to see God as the source of all that we give?
    • How can we develop a heart that will rejoice when others give to God?
  4. David prayed for the next generation to have wholehearted devotion (v.18-19).
    • What prayers do we need to be praying for the next generation?
    • Why is this prayer so central to the building of God’s house?
  5. There is a greater temple built by this and following generations (I Peter 2:4-5).
    • How do we as living stones need to come near to Jesus?
    • What do we need to be doing and praying to help this work for generations?

Call to Action: To give and pray so that generations will build God’s house.


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