We Do Not Inherit Sin!


  1. God purposely taught that we do not inherit sin (v.1-4).
    • Why was it important in Ezekiel’s day for them to know this?
    • Why is it so important in our day for us to know this? (Psalm 51:5; 71:6)
  2. A righteous man will surely live (v.5-9).
    • Why aren’t the righteous punished for the sins of their children (v.10-13)?
    • What is the situation when godly Christians have non-Christian children?
  3. An unrighteous son will not inherit his father’s righteousness (v.10-13).
    • Why don’t children automatically inherit righteousness from their parents?
    • What does that say about not inheriting sin? (Matthew 18:1-4)
  4. A righteous grandson will not inherit his dad’s sin (v.14-20).
    • What would happen to our relationship with God if we had to share guilt?
    • How would we view Jesus’ sacrifice if it was primarily atoning for Adam’s sin?
  5. When the righteous or unrighteous repent then destiny changes (v.21-32).
    • What happens when a sinner turns from the error of his ways?
    • What happens when others turn away from their righteous lives?
    • If God was pleased with the death of the wicked, what would it say about Him?

Call to Action: To maintain our devotion so God can give us a new heart.


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