There Is Hope for the Hurting


  1. Jeremiah in experiencing terrible anguish says, “I hurt!” (v.1-18)
    • How badly was Jeremiah hurting? (2:11-12; 3:48)
    • Why is it so important for us to take our anguish to God in prayer?
  2. Jeremiah, still in terrible anguish says, “I remember!” (v.19-21)
    • Besides his past trials, what else does Jeremiah remember?
    • Besides our past trials, what else do we need to be remembering?
  3. Because Jeremiah remembers, he has hope in God’s steadfast love (v.21-24).
    • Why is it so important for us to remember the steadfast love of God?
    • What will help us better remember God’s steadfast love?
    • How can we become a people who are typified by hope?
  4. The LORD is good to those who hope in Him and seek Him (v.25).
    • Why must hoping in the LORD lead to sincerely seeking Him?
    • What will happen in our lives when we truly hope and diligently seek?
  5. It is good to quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD (v.26).
    • Why is waiting quietly better than complaining?
    • In terrible anguish, where will we find strength to wait quietly for God?

Call to Action: In times of anguish to quietly wait for God’s steadfast love.


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