A Barren Source of Faithful Praise

I SAMUEL 2:1-11

  1. The one praising God after years of being childless is again barren (1:24-28).
    • What does her amazing gift say about Hannah’s heart?
    • To what extent are we willing to give our children to God?
  2. Hannah sings a song to glorify God above all else (2:1-5a).
    • What does Hannah’s praise at that time tell us about her faith?
    • When we give our children to God, what is the nature of our prayers?
  3. Like Mary’s and Zechariah’s songs she barely mentions children (2:5b).
    • What can we learn of Mary’s faith from her Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55)?
    • What ca we learn of Zechariah’s faith from his Benedictus (Luke 1:69-79)?
    • Why should our praise for God be central in prayers for special children?
  4. Hannah rightly praises God for determining our state in life (2:6-8).
    • What reasons did Hannah have for praising the God who lifted her up?
    • What reasons do we have for praising the God who has lifted us?
  5. Hannah finishes her prayer praising God for strengthening His people (2:9-10).
    • How will our prayer-life be enriched by praising God for strengthening His people?
    • What can we do to make sure that more of our prayer-life is filled with praise for God?

Call to Action: To give our best to God so our prayers will be filled with praise.


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