What Will You Tell Your Grandchildren?


  1. David could later tell how 3,000 of the best troops chased him (v.1-2).
    • If you are not busy working for the kingdom, what message will you share?
    • Why is it important to share about opposition and obstacles you have faced?
  2. David had opportunity to easily rid himself of his enemy (v.3-4).
    • What happens when you try to fix your problem with a failure of virtue?
    • What story do you share with your grandchildren when you have failed in virtue?
  3. David motivated his men not to practice vengeance (v.5-7).
    • What would the men have done if they had not seen genuine remorse in David?
    • How important is genuine remorse in our lives?
  4. David boldly spoke to the one who was trying to destroy him (v.8-15).
    • How did David’s virtue protect him from Saul’s men?
    • How much better message does David have to share with his grandchildren?
  5. His enemy had to admit that David had chosen the honorable course (v.16-21).
    • How does virtue positively affect even those who are unvirtuous?
    • How is virtue better than a quick fix that is not honorable?
    • What story do you want to be told about your life?

Call to Action: To choose virtue for the sake of the story of your life.


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