Born to a Living Hope

I PETER 1:3-9

  1. By His mercy, God caused us to be born to a living hope (v.3).
    • Why is it so important to know that our hope comes from God’s mercy?
    • How empty would salvation be without the joy that comes from a living hope?
  2. The means by which we were born to a living hope was the resurrection (v.3).
    • Where is the anchor of our salvation (Hebrews 6:19) firmly held?
    • What do we need to do so that our hope in the resurrection is more firm?
  3. Our birth to a living hope allows an amazing, well-guarded inheritance (v.4-5).
    • How amazing is the inheritance for which we hope?
    • What is it about the inheritance that is being guarded?
    • Why is it important that our hope trusts in the perfect timing of God?
  4. Our living hope allows us to rejoice through refining trials (v.6-7).
    • How can hope allow us to rejoice through various trials?
    • What is the outcome of our faith that has been tested and refined?
  5. Our living hope allows us the inexpressible joy of seeing Christ (v.8-9).
    • How can we develop a hope that loves our unseen Savior more intensely?
    • What can you do so that others would describe your joy as being inexpressible

Call to Action: To do those things that will strengthen our living hope.


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