From the Substance of Hope


  1. We give thanks for the faith that grows from hope (1:3-5a).
    • What is the event that defines hope and produces faith? (Titus 2:13)
    • What can we do so that our hope will better produce true faith?
  2. We give thanks for the love that grows from hope (1:3-5a).
    • How can our ‘desired expectation’ lead our hearts to grow in love?
    • What aspects of love can only grow from the substance of hope?
  3. The hope that develops faith and love is being laid up in heaven (1:5a).
    • How is the substance of hope being laid up for us in heaven?
    • How should our lives change when we understand that hope is being laid up for us?
  4. The gospel clearly speaks of your hope being laid up in heaven (1:5-6).
    • How is the message of the gospel incomplete when we leave out hope?
    • How did the message of hope help the gospel to spread to the whole world?
    • How is the message of the gospel enriched when we purposely include hope?
  5. Those who share the gospel are also sharing the message of hope (1:7-8).
    • What other actions accompany our sharing of the hope of the gospel?
    • Why would sharing the hope of Jesus lead us to share stories of faith and love?

Call to Action: To grow in our faith and love that spring from a solid hope.


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