A Hope That Will Not Disappoint

ROMANS 5:1-5

  1. Because we were justified by faith, we stand in grace and rejoice in hope (v.1-2).
    • What all had to happen so sinful man could have peace and hope?
    • How would you describe your levels of peace and hope?
    • How would those closest to you describe your peace and your hope?
  2. We rejoice in hope and also in our sufferings that produce endurance (v.2-3).
    • How can we rejoice in our hope as we are rejoicing in our sufferings?
    • What has to happen for your suffering to produce endurance?
  3. Our suffering produces endurance, then character, then hope (v.3-4).
    • What is so admirable about men and women of proven character?
    • Why is it so important to have a hope that grows out of proven character?
    • What will need to change for others to view you as a person of proven character?
  4. We need to develop a hope that will not bring us shame (v.4-5).
    • Why does a lack of pure hope bring deep shame?
    • What will help us develop a pure hope that grows from proven character?
  5. God pours out His love through the Spirit to those with this hope (v.5).
    • What does an honorable hope have to do with God’s love being poured into us?
    • How is your hope allowing the Spirit to pour God’s love into your heart?

Call to Action: To develop an honorable hope that receives the love of God.


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