Devoted to What?

ACTS 2:42

  1. The early disciples were devoted (v.42).
    • What happens to marriages and all relationships when there is a lack of devotion?
    • What is involved in being completely devoted?
  2. They were devoted to the apostles’ teaching (v.42).
    • How did they practice devotion to the apostles’ teaching?
    • How can we better display devotion to the apostles’ teaching?
  3. They were devoted to fellowship (v.42).
    • What was accomplished by their devotion to fellowship?
    • How can we increase in our devotion to fellowship?
  4. They were devoted to breaking bread (v.42).
    • How does the context lead us to see this as communion?
    • How can you show true devotion to the breaking of bread?
  5. They were devoted to prayer (v.42).
    • How was the early church changed by their devotion to prayer?
    • How will we be changed by a genuine devotion to prayer?

Call to Action: To purposely become devoted disciples of Christ.


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