Do You Love the Father?

LUKE 15:11-32

  1. Jesus wanted the sinners to know that the Father loved them (v.11-20).
    • What lessons could Jesus’ dinner guests gain from these parables?
    • Why didn’t someone go looking for the brother like they did for the sheep and coin?
    • How does the Father’s love reconcile the returning son with the whole community?
  2. Jesus wanted the self-righteous to know that the Father loved them (v.26-32).
    • How can we know that the older son doesn’t care about honoring his father?
    • How can we allow pride in our obedience to separate us from the Father?
    • What is wrong with thinking that the Father owes us for our obedience?
  3. The sinful and the self-righteous both need to love the Father (v.28-32).
    • What is wrong with obeying the Father to get things instead of to get Him?
    • Are the self-righteous any less separated from their father than the sinful?
    • What is wrong with being righteous because it is to your own advantage?
  4. Loving the Father demands selflessly loving our brother (v.28-32).
    • How does a refusal to love and forgive a brother leave you isolated?
    • What is it about grace that can be too scary?
    • What do you need to be doing to show love to your brother or sister?

Call to Action: To love the Father so much that you want to be with Him and with His children.


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