Evil Is Judged by Nineveh and Sheba

MATTHEW 12:38-45

  1. An evil generation asks for a miraculous sign (v.38-39).
    • What is so wrong about asking for a miraculous sign?
    • What should we be doing instead of asking for a sign?
  2. Jesus declared that Jonah was in a huge fish for three days (v.39-40).
    • Why do people find it so hard to believe the miracles in scripture?
    • How does the character of Jesus help convince you of this miracle?
  3. The people of Nineveh condemn those who reject the message of God (v.41).
    • What do we need to learn from the urgency and repentance of the men of Nineveh?
    • In what sense do we all reject the word of God?
    • What can we do to more urgently and completely follow the word of God?
  4. The queen of Sheba condemns those who reject the wisdom of God (v.42).
    • How did the wisdom and glory of God in Solomon affect the Queen of Sheba?
    • How does the wisdom and glory of God in Jesus affect your heart and actions?
    • What changes can help us be more strongly affected by the glory of God in Christ?
  5. Unless evil is replaced with good it will multiply (v.43-45).
    • Why is simply getting rid of evil not a complete solution for us?
    • What kinds of things do you need to be filling the days of your life with?

Call to Action: Let the message and glory of Christ fill your day with purpose.


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