When the Blessed Need to Be Rebuked

MATTHEW 16:13-28

  1. Jesus asked two serious questions and Peter answered the hard one. (v.13-16).
    • What do both of these questions tell us about the disciples?
    • How well can you answer these two questions?
    • What will help us to have a faith like Peter?
  2. Peter was specifically blessed for his confession (v.17-20).
    • Why was Peter blessed and what blessings did he receive?
    • How are we affected by the blessings that Peter received?
  3. Peter takes issue with the message that Jesus will soon die (v.21-22).
    • What reasons would Peter have for taking Jesus aside?
    • What is our duty when the message of Jesus is not what we want to hear?
  4. Jesus clearly rebuked the one He had just blessed (v.23).
    • How strongly did Peter feel this rebuke?
    • For what behaviors do we deserve this same rebuke?
  5. The teaching that followed is all a part of this context (v.24-28).
    • How do denying self, taking your cross and following apply to verse 23?
    • How does verse 25 apply to verse 23? -How does verse 26 apply to verse 23?
    • How do the prophecies of verse 27-28 apply to verse 23 and to us?

Call to Action: To trust God’s message even when it’s not what we want to hear.


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