Use Everything to Make Friends

LUKE 16:1-15

  1. The shrewd manager was not making friends with his master (v.1-2).
    • When you don’t do your job well, what are you doing to your boss?
    • How does responsible behavior at work build true friendships?
  2. The shrewd manager made friends with his customers (v.3-7).
    • Since the manager is not accused of theft, how is he reducing the bills?
    • Why was it in his best interest to give the customers a better deal?
  3. It is wise to use worldly wealth to make friends (v.8-9).
    • What factors keep us from using worldly wealth to make friends?
    • What lasting benefits come when we use our wealth to make friends?
    • How well are we investing our wealth in making friends?
  4. Investing wealth in friendships protects us from loving money (v.10-13).
    • How can we be more trustworthy in handling the blessings God has given us?
    • What does investing in friends have to do with loving God?
  5. God knows who loves money more than friends and is not impressed (v.14-15).
    • What is wrong with justifying our choice to not invest in friends?
    • Why is the choice to invest in friends valuable to God?

Call to Action: To deliberately invest more of our wealth in making friends.


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