You Were Invited to the Feast!

MATTHEW 22:1-14

  1. Sadly, many who were invited to the feast, refused to come (v.1-3).
    • Is the problem with the invitation or with the heart of those invited?
    • What was the role of peer pressure for all of them to refuse?
    • Why do we allow anything to hinder us from coming to the feast?
  2. Some who were invited chose to attack those who invited them (v.4-7).
    • What attitudes move people to attack those who invite them to a feast?
    • Why should we continue to invite people even when we have been attacked?
  3. The invitations continue until the whole house is filled (v.8-10).
    • When will the house finally be filled?
    • How diligently are we continuing to invite people to the feast?
  4. There is no excuse for refusing to be clothed by the King (v.11-12).
    • What was the crime of the man who refused the wedding garment?
    • How can we better allow our King to clothe us?
  5. Many are invited but only a few are chosen (v.13-14).
    • Why are we so offended by Jesus’ repeated teaching about eternal punishment?
    • Why must the called also be chosen?
    • How do our ‘garments’ show that we are chosen?

Call to Action: “Let him who hears say ‘Come!’” –Revelation 22:17


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