The Real Lord’s Prayer


  1. This is how Jesus prayed for Himself (v.1-5).
    • For what purposes was Jesus praying for Himself?
    • For what purposes should we be praying for ourselves?
  2. This is how Jesus prayed for His disciples (v.6-19).
    • Why does Jesus choose to not pray for the world?
    • Why pray for protection, unity, joy and sanctification?
    • What would change if we prayed these blessings for our brethren?
  3. This is how Jesus prayed for all of us (v.20-26).
    • Why is unity the primary theme of this portion of His prayer?
    • What happens when we pray for God’s love to be in our brethren?
  4. This is how the early disciples prayed (Colossians 1:9-12).
    • What does this prayer have in common with Jesus’ prayer in John 17?
    • Why should we ask for wisdom, understanding, endurance and patience?
  5. Loving disciples want to be like their Master, including prayer (Luke 6:40)
    • What is involved in praying like Jesus prayed?
    • How will our lives be transformed as we pray more like Jesus prayed?

Call to Action: To daily pray more like Jesus prayed.


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