Transforming Followers

MARK 2:13-22

  1. Levi/Matthew was transformed by a call to follow Jesus (v.13-14).
    • What would motivate a successful man to leave his profession to follow Jesus?
    • What will lead us to leave anything that hinders us from following Jesus?
  2. Transformed Levi/Matthew wanted all of his friends to meet Jesus (v.15).
    • When he was leaving his job, why invite all his friends to meet Jesus?
    • What will motivate us to want to invite all of our friends to meet Jesus?
  3. Religious leaders objected to Jesus being with sinners (v.16-17).
    • How do we know that the Pharisees were trying to cause trouble?
    • Why would Pharisees object to Jesus keeping company with sinners?
    • How can we ensure that our relationship with Jesus welcomes sinners?
  4. Biblical scholars assumed somber religious behavior (v.18).
    • How do the attitudes of the Pharisees mirror religious attitudes today?
    • What is wrong with religious attitudes that reject or minimize joy?
  5. Jesus clearly showed the need for complete transformation (v.19-22).
    • How can we know that Jesus was talking about more than wineskins and cloth?
    • What happens when we try to fill our religious traditions with Christian joy?
    • What happens when we try to patch our old problems instead of being transformed?

Call to Action: To be completely and joyously transformed by the call of Jesus.


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