Growing a Thankful Heart


  1. Appreciation of our elders naturally flows from a thankful heart (v.12-13).
    • How can we better show appreciation to our elders this week?
    • Why would God want us to give honor to humble servants?
  2. A thankful heart affects behavior in times of trials and needs (v.14-15).
    • How does the behavior of these verses help the elders?
    • How would the behavior of these verses differ if they did not come from a thankful heart?
  3. A thankful heart rejoices, prays and glorifies God (v.16-18).
    • How would you describe a person who was constantly rejoicing, praying and thanking others?
    • Would others describe you as constantly rejoicing, thanking and praying?
  4. A thankful heart doesn’t quench the Spirit or scorn prophecy (v.19-20).
    • How does quenching the Spirit affect thankfulness and why does a thankful heart not want to quench the Spirit?
    • How does a thankful heart respond to prophecies from God?
  5. A thankful heart is careful to hold to the good and shun evil (v.21-22).
    • What good things could you hold to that could help you be more thankful?
    • What evil do you need to shun so that you can be more thankful?

Call to Action: To develop a reputation of thankfulness.


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