Thinning the Crowd

JOHN 6:66-69

  1. Sometimes, the hard teachings of Jesus thinned the crowd (John 6:66-69).
    • What does it say about us when we allow hard sayings to turn us away?
    • How can we develop a heart that realizes that He alone has the words of life?
  2. The required level of commitment thinned the crowd (Mark 10:17-22).
    • What should we learn from the fact that Jesus didn’t chase after this man?
    • What do we have that we need to be willing to let go?
  3. Sometimes, God purposely thinned the crowd (Judges 7:1-7).
    • What happens when God’s people believe that we have accomplished His will?
    • What do you see God accomplishing with a reduced but faithful army?
  4. We have no reason to fear when the crowd has been thinned (I Samuel 14:6f).
    • How can we develop a complete trust in God, even when vastly outnumbered?
    • How can we develop relationships that are eager to serve alongside of us?
    • With whom are you developing these relationships?
  5. God accomplishes His will with His thinned crowd (Luke 14:25-27).
    • How have we allowed the required commitment of discipleship to push us away?
    • How can we develop a devotion that places us squarely in His thinned crowd?

Call to Action: To develop a devotion that continues to serve even in hard times.


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