Initiating a Revolution

JOHN 12:27-36

  1. Jesus declared that His dying would draw all men to Him (John 12:27-36).
    • Why is it important that the cross did more than atone for our sins?
    • What is our role in the cross drawing all men to Christ?
  2. The prophecies of Daniel predicted a revolution (Daniel 2:44-45).
    • What can we know about the kingdom that would fill the earth (v.35)?
    • What does this passage tell us about the revolutionary nature of the Kingdom?
  3. The prophecies of Isaiah predicted a revolution (Isaiah 2:1-5).
    • How does the priority of this prophecy apply to earthly revolution?
    • How will our ‘walking in the light of the LORD’ help the word to go out?
  4. The early church practiced the lifestyle of revolution (Acts 8:1-4).
    • How did persecuted and displaced Christians carry out the revolution?
    • When we see the revolutionary nature of our ministry, how will our lives change?
  5. The gates of hell will not hold against this revolution (Matthew 16:13-19).
    • Why should we believe that the gates are being attacked instead of attacking?
    • Will we be those who believe our King is worth it? (Cody’s reading of “You Are Worth It –Part 2” by Mattie Montgomery)

Call to Action: To live and love in ways that help accomplish Christ’s revolution.


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