Praying Like Epaphras


  1. Epaphras was always wrestling in prayer for his congregation (v.12).
    • Of all the ways he could have struggled, why is this behavior complimented?
    • How do things change when we wrestle in prayer for our brethren?
  2. Epaphras prayed for them to stand firm, be mature and have assurance (v.12).
    • How does his ‘prayer journal’ differ from ours?
    • Why do we need to be praying for the church to grow in each of these aspects?
  3. Epaphras prayed so fervently that it was ‘hard work’ (v.13).
    • How do the examples of Epaphras and of Jesus show us the ‘hard work’ of prayer?
    • How will our example in prayer be seen as ‘hard work?’
  4. Epaphras also taught grace in Christ and shared news about their love (1:6-8).
    • How does prayer relate to sharing the grace of God?
    • How does praying affect the way we report news about the congregation?
  5. Epaphras’ devotion cost him his freedom (Philemon v.23).
    • How much does it cost to be completely devoted to Jesus?
    • What will motivate us to that level of devotion in prayer and service?

Call to action: To labor diligently in prayer for this congregation.


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