Praising Our Way out of Complaining

Psalm 95:1-11

  1. Complaining will harden your heart if you let it (v.7b-9).
    • What did the Israelites do at Meribah and Massah (Exodus 17:1-7)?
    • What happens to the heart of a complainer?
    • How long was God bothered by their complaining? (Hebrews 3:7-11)
  2. Complainers allow their hearts to go astray (v.10).
    • If you really know the ways of God, what reasons do you have for complaining?
    • What can you do that will help you to better know the ways of God?
  3. Complainers rob themselves of God’s rest (v.11).
    • How adamant is God about refusing His rest to complainers? (Hebrews 4:3-11)
    • How serious are we about resisting the urge to complain?
  4. Singing and shouting praise to the LORD protects us from complaining (v.1-5).
    • How can the singing and shouting of praise to God help protect our hearts?
    • Are you singing and shouting praise to God more often than you complain?
  5. Worship to God protects our hearts from complaining (v.6-7a).
    • What happens when you really kneel before God in worship?
    • How well do you know that we are the people of His pasture?

Call to Action: To praise and worship away our complaining.


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