Praying like Daniel

DANIEL 9:1-23

  1. Spending time in God’s word motivated Daniel to pray (v.1-3).
    • Why is it so important for us to let God’s word motivate us to pray?
    • What are you going to do today and this week to let that happen for you?
  2. Daniel prayed with praise and confession (v.4-11a).
    • Why is it so important for us to fill our prayers with praise?
    • How could Daniel include himself in the sins of Israel? (Daniel 6:4-5)
    • Why is it important for us to pray similar confessional prayers?
  3. Daniel admits that the people of God deserve to be punished (v.11b-16).
    • Why do we need to admit that we have deserved the punishment we have received?
    • Why is this a much better decision than trying to justify ourselves?
  4. Daniel prays for mercy on Israel for God’s sake (v.17-19).
    • What is the main reason that we need for God to show His mercy to us?
    • What does our need for forgiveness have to do with the City of God?
  5. God answered Daniel’s prayer and gave insight he didn’t request (v.20-23).
    • What does the immediate nature of God’s answer tell us of His character?
    • Why would earnest confession lead to increased spiritual insight?
    • Why would God consider one who had confessed such sin to be highly esteemed?

Call to Action: To pray like Daniel prayed so that we can see more clearly.


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