Renewing the Covenant

II KINGS 23:1-25

  1. When you discover the word of God it needs to tear at your heart (22:8-13).
    • Why does a renewal of the covenant need to begin with finding the word of God?
    • How are you letting God’s word convict your heart?
  2. To renew our covenant we must first read God’s word to the people (23:1-3).
    • Why is it important for all of God’s people to hear God’s word?
    • How strong is our desire to pledge ourselves in a covenant relationship with God?
    • How can we make sure that we are each renewing our covenant with God?
  3. Renewing the covenant requires us to cleanse the temple (23:4-7).
    • How drastic was their cleansing of the temple?
    • How drastic does our cleansing of the temple need to be?
    • What specific cleansing do we need to do?
  4. Renewing the covenant moves us to purify our land (23:8-20).
    • How many people were needed for this cleansing to take place?
    • What are we doing to purify our land? (II Chronicles 7:14)
  5. Renewing the covenant moves us to celebrate God’s feast (23:21-24).
    • Why was it so important for them to celebrate the feast of Passover?
    • Why is it so important for us to celebrate the feast instituted by Jesus?

Call to Action: To turn to the LORD with all our heart (23:25).


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