Second Ephesians

II EPHESIANS (Revelation 2)

  1. The church in Ephesus was known for their faith and love (Ephesians 1:15-16).
    • What can we know about the faith and love in Ephesus (Acts 19:8-10, 18-20)?
    • What will help us to have that level of faith and love?
  2. In II Ephesians they were praised for their faith and diligence (v.1-3).
    • What can we know about the One who delivers this message?
    • How can we develop and practice this kind of faith and diligence?
  3. In the next generation, the church had forsaken their first love (v.4).
    • Why is this the only complaint Jesus chooses to mention?
    • What can we do to rekindle our love for Christ, His church and for others?
    • How can our sacrifice help us to grow in love?
  4. Their responsibility was to remember and to repent (v.5-6).
    • What kinds of things do we need to be remembering?
    • What actions will help us repent?
  5. We need to apply their letter to our lives (v.7).
    • How does the second letter to the Ephesians apply to a 50-year-old congregation?
    • What lessons do I need to take from this passage?

Call to Action: To remember our first love and then strive to get it back.


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