The Character of Christ

I JOHN 1:1-4

  1. Jesus’ character changed and motivated the first disciples (I John 1:1-4)
    • How would your life have been changed if you had seen, touched and heard Jesus?
    • What can we do to better see, hear and touch Jesus today?
  2. The cry of the growing church is “Come and see!” (John 4:28-30).
    • When we have seen Jesus, what is it about Him that we want others to see?
    • How deeply and regularly are you ‘Beholding the Man’? (John 19:5)
  3. The Character of Jesus is multi-faceted (Dr. Charles Edward Jefferson 1908).
    • How have you been ‘amazed’ by the strength of Jesus (Luke 23:34)?
    • How does His genuine nature affect you (Mark 14:33-34)?
    • How deeply awed are you at the originality of Jesus (Revelation 21:5)?
    • How does the singular focus of affect your purpose (John 17:4)?
    • How accepting was Jesus of Samaritans and even of a Syro-Phoenecian?
    • If you were to choose people to carry on your work, what would they be like?
    • How was His faith modeled by prayer? (Luke 5:16; 6:12; 9:18; 11:1 et al)
    • Before the cross, how could He say “I have overcome the world!” (John 16:33)?
    • How does the “brotherliness” of Jesus affect and motivate us? (p.149)
    • How does His hopeful assurance motivate you (John 12:32)?
    • How does His chivalry compare with that of gracious knights? (John 8:1-11; Mark 5:25-34; 7:24-30; Luke 7:11-17)
    • How awed are you by His resolute heart (Luke 4:1-13; 9:51)?
    • How long would we be here if we spoke of His generosity, His humility, His grace, His holiness, His patient endurance?
  4. The mission of the church is displaying the character of Jesus (I John 4:17).
    • How clearly and how regularly are we gazing at the character of Christ?
    • How are we striving to follow, imitate and live out the character of Jesus?

Call to Action: To consciously gaze into the character of Christ so we can live it.


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