The Lord Is in His Holy Temple

EXODUS 25-27

  1. God told His people to build a place where He could dwell among them (25:8-9).
    • Why is the release from slavery not enough for Israel or for us?
    • How should we be affected by knowing that God wants to dwell with His people?
  2. God began His instructions with the very place where He dwells (25:10-22).
    • What was the significance of the ark of the covenant for Israel?
    • What can you do to make your heart a more hospitable place for God to dwell?
  3. Fellowship with God is the second part of God’s instructions (25:23-30).
    • What was the significance of the table of show-bread for Israel and for us?
    • What can we do this week to more fully and regularly commune with God?
  4. The light source of the temple is next on God’s instructions (25:31-40).
    • Why is it so important for us to be enlightened by God’s light source?
    • How has your behavior declared the level of your belief in God’s light?
    • What are you doing so that God’s light is blessing your daily life?
  5. There was a tabernacle and there was a wall around it (26-27).
    • Since God can live everywhere on earth, why even have a tabernacle?
    • What is accomplished by a low, cloth wall around the tabernacle?

Call to Action: To purposely be the best tabernacle of God you can be.


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