Where He Leads I’ll Follow


  1. When we learn that God is with us, we want to follow (Exodus 4:29-31).
    • How do you think the Israelites felt when they heard this great news?
    • How do we and our loved ones feel when we hear the news of God’s grace?
  2. When we are going through hard times we don’t want to follow (5:21; 6:8-9).
    • How did they allow their difficulties to rob them of their faith and hope?
    • What should we do when we allow our difficulties to rob us of our faith and hope?
  3. We follow when we know the seriousness of God’s commands (12:21-22, 28).
    • How had God convinced the Israelites to carefully follow His Passover commands?
    • What would be a modern parallel of an Israelite who didn’t bother to obey?
    • What will it take for us to be fully convinced to do all we can to save our children?
  4. When we see the power of God we follow where He leads (14:21-22).
    • How amazing was God’s display for the people of Israel on that night?
    • How amazing was God’s display for us on the morning of the resurrection?
    • What motivates you to follow even when it seems impossible to do so?
  5. Grumbling about problems keeps us from following (16:2-3; 17:3-4).
    • Why would they grumble against a God who had done so many amazing things?
    • Why do we grumble instead of following our amazing God?

Call to Action: To purposely follow God even in times of personal trial.


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