Transformed by Sonship

Galatians 4:1-7

  1. Immature children are under authority as are servants (v.1-3).
    • How mature are you if you see God as a Master rather than a Father?
    • How much assurance should a child of God possess?
  2. Jesus came to redeem us so that we could become Sons (v.4-5).
    • Why was redemption necessary before we could become “sons”?
    • What assurance can we draw from God’s motivation for our sonship?
  3. God sent His Spirit into our hearts because we are Sons (v.6).
    • Why couldn’t God send His Spirit into our hearts unless we were sons?
    • Why can’t we be sons without His Spirit in our hearts?
  4. The Spirit within us moves us to cry out, “Abba! Father!” (v.6).
    • How does a life that cries “Abba! Father!” differ from one that cries “Master!”?
    • How does working for love surpass working for hire?
  5. Sons of God are Heirs instead of Servants (v.7).
    • What motivations and assurance come to one who sees himself as an heir?
    • How can we better see ourselves as the very children of God?

Lesson Aim: To realize, appreciate and act on the reality of our sonship to God.


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