Walking by the Spirit


  1. Walking by the Spirit is commanded by God (v.16).
    1. What does the indwelling of the Spirit have to do with our walk?
    2. Because walking by the Spirit is commanded, what is our responsibility?
  2. Walking by the Spirit keeps us from worldly activities (v.16).
    1. What desires are not put into action when we walk by the Spirit?
    2. What can we do to make sure that those desires are not carried out?
  3. Walking by the Spirit is opposed to walking by the flesh (v.17).
    1. What is the nature of the struggle between the Spirit and the flesh?
    2. How can we help to set our desire against the desires of the flesh?
  4. Walking by the Spirit involves not doing things you desire (v.17).
    1. Do Christians have permission to do the worldly things we want to do?
    2. How can we get the strength not to do the worldly things we want to do?
  5. Walking by the Spirit means you are not under law (v.18).
    1. Why can’t a system of laws accomplish the creation of spirituality?
    2. What freedom and what constraint comes from following the Spirit rather than following a set of rules?

Lesson Aim: To be willing to live as the Spirit leads us to live.


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