Choosing to Believe in Jesus

JOHN 12:37-46

  1. As prophesied, many Jews chose not to believe in Jesus (v.37-40).
    • How does ‘would not believe’ differ from ‘could not believe?’
    • What factors would lead to the choice of not believing in Christ?
  2. The prophets clearly declared a rejected Messiah (v.38; Isaiah 53:1).
    • How does the context of Isaiah clearly declare Jesus as the Christ?
    • How could a rejected Messiah still change the world?
  3. The prophets clearly saw a purposely rejected Messiah (v.39-41; Isaiah 6:9-10).
    • As soon as Isaiah was called (Isaiah 6:1-8) why would God give this message?
    • Why is it important to be aware that we promote a purposely rejected Messiah?
    • How does it help to know that Isaiah saw the glory of Jesus?
  4. Many chose not to act on their belief (John 12:42-43).
    • What is wrong with a faith that is not willing to confess?
    • What happens to a heart that is unwilling to confess?
  5. Choosing to believe in Christ leads to God and to His light (John 12:44-46).
    • What does choosing to believe in Jesus have to do with believing in God?
    • What light comes into your life when you choose to believe in Jesus?
    • What is it that strongly motivates your belief in Christ?

Call to Action: To purposely choose to trust Christ with all your life.


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