Spiritually Healing the Sick

MATTHEW 4:23-25

  1. As Jesus traveled through Galilee, huge crowds brought their sick (v.23-25).
    • How broad was the attraction of Jesus for those in need?
    • How broad is the attraction of the body of Christ today for those in need?
  2. Jesus blessed these crowds by healing all of their sick (v.23-25).
    • Why didn’t Jesus tell these people that they didn’t have enough faith to be healed?
    • What can we do to physically bless those in need?
  3. Jesus blessed people spiritually when they needed healing (Mark 2:1-5).
    • What was the first thing Jesus did for the paralytic in this passage?
    • Why would Jesus use a request for physical need to share spiritual blessings?
  4. Jesus blessed the crowd of Matthew 4:23-25 with spiritual insight.
    • What crowds did Jesus see in Matthew 5:1 and what did He teach them?
    • What can we do to spiritually bless the people who come to us with physical needs?
    • What is the essence of the spiritual insight from Matthew 5-7?
  5. We are called to bless people spiritually even when they have physical needs.
    • Why is it important to meet the physical needs of those who come to us? Matt.5:34f
    • Why is it even more important to help them meet their spiritual needs? II Cor. 4:18

Call to Action: To purposely bless people with both spiritual and physical needs.


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