A faithful mother teachers her son.

Hereditary Faith


  1. Timothy learned compassion from his mother and his grandmother (v.4).
    • What does it say about you when others recall your tears and your joy?
    • What debt do we have to those who blessed our hearts with compassion?
  2. Timothy’s faith first lived in his grandmother and in his mother (v.5).
    • How did the faith of Lois prove to be hereditary?
    • How did the faith of Eunice prove to be hereditary?
    • What debt do we have to those who helped instill their faith in us?
  3. Timothy had learned the scriptures since infancy (3:14-15).
    • By what means did Eunice and Lois instill faith in Timothy?
    • How are we doing at instilling faith in our children and grandchildren?
  4. All the records of Israel’s good kings with bad fathers, name the mother.
    • Why would we know the mothers of Hezekiah and of Josiah? (II Kings 18:2; 22:1)
    • Why should we be honoring these and other mothers?
    • What was the best way that Timothy, Hezekiah and Josiah honored their mothers?
  5. Some of the greatest mothering is done by other women (Isaiah 54:1).
    • How can women who are childless still rejoice in their children?
    • How can we better honor all the women who have mothered us?

Call to Action: To have, share and honor hereditary faith.


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