Kindness Instead of Condemnation

ROMANS 2:1-4

  1. We all have good reason to avoid condemning others (v.1).
    • Why are we without excuse when we choose to judge others?
    • How are we condemning ourselves when we judge others?
    • What can we do to help us avoid passing judgment?
  2. God’s judgment is directed at those who judge others (v.2-3).
    • What should we learn from the fact that God’s judgment is based on truth?
    • How does it help to understand that we are mere men?
    • How can a realization of our shortcomings help persuade us to be kind?
  3. Deciding to judge others is showing contempt for God’s kindness (v.4).
    • What should we learn when we see God being kind to those deserving of judgment?
    • Even in a crisis, how does our judging show contempt for God?
    • What can help us to purposely avoid showing contempt for God’s kindness
  4. Our task is to practice kindness that will lead men to repentance (v.4).
    • How does God’s kindness persuade you to want to follow Jesus?
    • How is your kindness persuading others to want to follow Jesus?
    • What can you do this week to make your kindness more persuasive?

Call to Action: To respond to and then become kindness that leads people to God.


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