We Are Convinced


  1. Christ’s love compels those who are convinced of His sacrifice (v.14).
    • All the major translations agree:
      • “because we have concluded this” –ESV;
      • “because we are convinced” –NIV;
      • “having concluded this” – NAS;
      • “because we thus judge” –KJV
    • What is the reason that Christ’s love compels or doesn’t compel you?
    • What has or hasn’t convinced you of the supreme sacrifice of Jesus?
  2. Christ’s love compels those who are convinced that we died with Him (v.14).
    • What behaviors will help you to be convinced that you have died with Christ?
    • What behaviors will follow your assurance that you have died with Christ?
  3. Christ died so that we would live for Him and not for ourselves (v.15).
    • What does this verse say about the effect of the death of Christ on selfish lives?
    • How can our selfless example better honor the One who died for us?
  4. If we believe this, we do not value people on a worldly scale (v.16).
    • When Christ has convinced us, how do we view and value the world around us?
    • How do our actions betray the level of our spiritual conviction?
  5. We are convinced and conclude that everything is new in Christ (v.17).
    • What does this perspective have to do with past failures or glories?
    • How well are we living in the present for the future?

Call to Action: To do those things that fully convince us that Jesus died for us.


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