More Than Just Looking

JAMES 1:22-25

  1. When we merely listen to the word, we deceive ourselves (v.22).
    • Why is just feeling convicted not enough?
    • How are we deceiving ourselves when we don’t put it into practice?
  2. We need to learn a lesson from our mirrors (v.23-24).
    • Why is this one of the all-time great illustrations?
    • What is wrong with leaving a mirror without fixing the problem?
    • Why is this ‘mirror’ more important?
  3. Mirrors cry out for action (v.23-24).
    • What happens to us when we ‘look intently’ at our problems?
    • What should we be doing instead of walking away and forgetting?
    • Do the greatest regrets of your life have to do with hearing then not doing?
  4. We are moved to stoop down and gaze at God’s word (v.25).
    • What do men and angels need to carefully examine?
    • What does the perfect law teach us about love, forgiveness and purity?
  5. When we do what we are to do we will be blessed in the doing (v.25).
    • What lack of behavior leads to deception or destruction? (Matthew 7:24-27)
    • What blessings come to those who persevere in doing God’s will?

Call to Action: To purposely and diligently practice what we see in God’s word.


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