Our Body is for the Lord


  1. Because the body is for the Lord, we should choose no other master (v.12-13).
    • How is Paul using their own words to teach them?
    • What will protect you from being mastered?
  2. Because we will be raised from death, we should be morally pure (v.14).
    • How should the coming resurrection motivate us toward purity?
    • How strongly do you believe in a coming resurrection?
  3. Because our body is for the Lord, we should give it to no one else (v.15-17).
    • How completely joined to Christ are you?
    • How does your bond with Christ protect you from immorality?
    • What will help you to be truly one with Christ in spirit?
  4. Because some sins are so bad, we need to run from them (v.18).
    • Of all the sins in scripture, why run from this one?
    • What will make it easier for you to run from fornication?
  5. Because our body is God’s temple, we honor God with our bodies (v.19-20).
    • How should the presence of God motivate our behavior?
    • How should our purchase by God motivate our behavior?

Call to Action: To behave in ways that show that our body belongs to God.


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