Why Did God Send Grace?

TITUS 2:11-14

  1. God’s grace teaches us to say “No!” to ungodliness (v.11-12).
    • How does grace motivate your heart to want to reject temptation?
    • How well are you allowing God’s grace to accomplish this in you?
  2. God’s grace teaches us to live sensible, godly lives (v.12).
    • How does God’s grace allow a sensibility that is unavailable without it?
    • What will help you to live more wisely and more godly?
  3. God’s grace creates a longing for Christ’s return (v.13).
    • What will help you to see Christ as your ‘blessed hope’?
    • How eagerly are you awaiting His return?
  4. God’s grace redeemed us and purified us to be His own people (v.14).
    • How is our redemption a motivation for Christ to give His life?
    • How is His gift a motivation for us to be His purified people?
  5. God’s grace makes us eager to do what is good (v.14).
    • How does Christ’s sacrifice make us eager to serve Him?
    • How eager are we to do what is good?
    • What will help you become more eager to do His will?

Call to Action: To eagerly desire to glorify God this day and this week.


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